Apprenticeship Services

Apprenticeships are an opportunity to develop your own employees and potential managers of the future. They are work-based training programmes which provide skills, knowledge and experience as well as nationally-recognised qualifications.

Our progressive apprenticeship programme delivers fresh, eager talent to forward-thinking businesses, carefully sourced by our highly experienced Recruitment Team – free of charge.

It’s all about developing an organisation’s most valuable assets – which is why a FFOP-trained apprentice is a bonus. In 90% of cases, employers offer their FFOP apprentice a permanent position at the end of the placement.

So, before you grab the phone to your usual recruitment agency or place an ad on a national recruitment website, read on.

Total support every step of the way

Our service is the best in the North West. We’ve created an imaginative and highly effective process that works well for companies already using us.

Our professional, experienced recruitment consultants:

  • Have an initial discussion to identify your requirements
  • Work with you to develop a job description and personal specification
  • Manage the applications and pre-screening, on your behalf through to interview
  • Support you and your business throughout the recruitment process and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

And did you know – your own staff could qualify as an apprentice. Is there someone already within your organisation who could benefit from apprenticeship training?

No ordinary apprentices

Apprenticeships can bring up-to-date skills and techniques, a new motivation and new ideas. Apprentices tend to want to succeed as they’ve chosen this route carefully.

Participating in an apprenticeship programme ensures that you have skilled and loyal employees that are not only trained to industry standards, but who understand the unique values of your organisation.

A wide choice of apprenticeships

Today few people assume all apprentices are plumbers. Most job roles and industries have a relevant apprenticeship framework.

FFOP offers over 10 different apprenticeships in a wide range of sectors and most of our programmes are delivered fully on your premises.

So why not open your mind to a new style of recruitment and let’s have a no-obligation chat about the options – and the funding and grants available.

Question about Apprenticeships

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